Vector/ shape not aline with imagery

Hi, is there a way to check what could be the possible problem where the shape file does not aline with the imagery. Example - the island shape file does not aline with the island imagery when imported into GM. How do I know if its a projection problem? or its just an outdated or wrongly done shape file.


  • alienyouthalienyouth Global Mapper User Posts: 11
    Most times you just have to find a way of verifying the projection of the shapefile and imagery from the source you received it. Although shapefiles normally have hardcoded projection details, some imagery do not and you have to specify when loading to GM. 

    Double-click the shapefile and imagery layers in the control center and select the "Layer Projection" tab (a warning tip will show up, just read and press ok); then verify or change the projection for the relevant layer.

  • Eric123Eric123 Posts: 23
    Is it advisable to adjust the imagery to fit with the shape file? how do I adjust it especially if I have more then 10 imagery file to adjust together (10 geotif file ) ?
  • alienyouthalienyouth Global Mapper User Posts: 11
    If your 10 geotiff images already have projection data and load automatically,  then perhaps it is the shapefile that is incorrect. Eitherway, i think you should download free online imagery via GM to verify which is correct.
  • Eric123Eric123 Posts: 23
    Thanks, ailenyouth. Will check that out.
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