Hydrology Module

alienyouthalienyouth Global Mapper UserPosts: 11
Greetings to the Global mapper team.

This software is the easiest GIS software i know of in the market and it is usually the first i recommend to my colleagues and clients.

I'm a Civil Engineer specializing  in water resources. Please i would like to suggest/request the possibility of an hydrology module being included with Global Mapper, or perhaps a basic tool to automatically compute the longest flow path in a catchment and it's characteristics. We normally need this to design culverts, drains, etc and there is no automatic way to do this right now.

This suggestion will go a long way to marketing the software to my clients because i currently use other GIS software for this computation.

Kind Regards
'Seye Agunbiade


  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 193
    Our consultancy has several Hydro and Geotechnical team members all over the world using Global Mapper that would also find additional tools very useful!
  • henniehennie Global Mapper User Posts: 61Trusted User
    The same goes for our consultancy!
  • KatrinaKatrina Posts: 27
    Thanks for your suggestions. 
    Is there specific functionality besides 'longest flow path' that you are looking for? 
  • alienyouthalienyouth Global Mapper User Posts: 11
    Thanks Katrina. For starters, being able to:
    1) Select/create multiple watershed points
    2) Delineate the catchment & longest flow path (LFP) for each.
    3) Extract the LFP length, start elevation, and end elevation.
    4) Compute the LFP slope based on the extracted characteristics in 3) above.
    5) Save as attributes to LFP lines.

    I'm assuming this above process can be incorporated into the normal Global Mapper workflow, but subsequently I'm hoping a hydrology module can be created to automatically extract GIS characteristics & call some specific exe processes via dll in order to compute watershed rainfall-runoff volume/peak, and possibly plot hydrographs.

    I will be willing to work with team, if need be, to further this aspect of the software, because no other GIS software comes close to the user experience that Global Mapper provides.

    Thank you.

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