Global Mapper v25.0

Kilometer Point values and Distance-Off-Line values of a point file (referenced to a route line)

Can anyone help me on this one???

I have a line file representing the route of a cable.  I have generated "Kilometer Point" flags along the line and labelled it every kilometer (i.e. the chainage).  I have a point file representing thousands of items scattered along the locality of the route.  I need to generate an attribute for every point showing the distance away from the line that it is (i.e. "Distance-Cross-Course" or "Distance-Off-Line").  The value should be negative when the point is to the left of the line (looking along the line) and positive when it is to the right of the line. I also need to generate an attribute for every point showing the KP that it falls on, if a line is drawn through the point and perpendicular to the route (i.e. its KP value when projected onto the route).

Does anybody have an easy way (or any way???) of doing this please.

Many thanks  indeed



  • You can use the CHAINAGE command (available under Advanced Feature Creation Options / CHAINAGE).

    Make sure you have selected both your cable route, as the points, otherwise the menu-item will not appear.

    GM will add the Chainage, Distance from Line and side of the line (Left or Right) to the point attributes, which can be exported to e.g. a CSV (mind to tick the include attribute values)

    It took me a while to discover this useful feature in GM, so thanks for asking the question :)
  • Hey Vincent

    Spot on!  Many thanks indeed for the instructions.  Absolutely just what I was looking for.

    Thanks again!