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Legal usage of Imagery?

Hi all,
I need to use a large amount of imagery for an offline system. What are my legal options? which online sources allow me to download and then create derivative products based on that imagery?
If there are no free alternatives, which premium services would you recommend I use?

I also need the information to be available in varying resolutions if that makes any difference. Here's what I need: large sections of the US and UK (about 1000x1000km each) in very low resolution (16 meter) and then higher resolutions up to 1m in smaller areas of about 10x10 km, with intermediate resolutions in a a skirt around those areas.


  • kfroese
    kfroese Geotechnical Engineer Trusted User
    You would need to read the "fine print" on the sources to figure out what is legitimate usage of each product. In my own limited experience, you can't do this sort of thing with Google Earth imagery. However, my reading of the ESRI World Imagery legalese is that you can create derivative products with their images. But I don't know how straight-forward it would be to download the amount and varying resolutions that you are looking for. Perhaps an email to them to see if they can provide such?
  • sant0s
    sant0s Global Mapper User Trusted User
    It depends.
    Some alow print only, but no use in films, documentary etc.
    In german television you often see the use of google maps/earth (to show locations on earth etc), but nothing is edited and you have to see the google logo, other providers want to be mentioned in the credits.

    Using EarthExplorer you have to check out, what Satellite was used. Some are free to use, some are not.
    On there site they have written down the terms of service.

    In general, at least in germany, most imagery/elevation data produced by the government is open for public.
    I always search super "stupid" in google like "google maps terms of service" and you find an answer about the terms of the provided imagery.

    And what kfroese said - if you really wanna be sure, get in contact with them, its the savest way.