Global Mapper v25.0

Automating 4 simple tasks of Global mapper using visual studio and C#

Hello experienced people !!
I am a student doing a project and in which i am using Global Mapper for some tasks. I need to automate the process using visual studio and C#. 
Basically, i am taking geodata from Google earth as .kmz , feeding it to global mapper where i give it projection and applying geosource (SRTM) and then exporting it to text file. I know it manually but need to automate it.

I need to automate this process of Global Mapper
1) Opening of .kmz file
2) Setting its projection in tools> configure
3) Applying online imagery by File> Apply online imagery > SRTM
4) Exporting as text file by File> export > vector/lidar format (ASCII Format) 

I need it to do in Visual studio because after that i also have to automate the process of making topography in Autodesk Revit by that text file.

Since i am new to programming and i know the process of automation of Autodesk Revit but not of Global Mapper. Can anybody help in this regard. I am using Global Mapper version 18, 64 bit

PS: I saw something like creating workspace and loading but i dont understand it.