Global Mapper v25.0

Exports from GM, importing into Civil 3d incorrectly


I am using Global Mapper to process some lidar data to use in Civil 3d and Hec Ras. The Lidar data is in UTM NAD83 (2011) Zone 15 meters. When I export the processed portion I want to a lidar (.las) file to use in Hec Ras the surface comes in the wrong location. But if i take that lidar file and process it through Autodesk Recap and import it into Civil 3d it comes into the correctly location. 

Also, if i take the area of lidar data and export from Global Mapper as a DEM file and import that into Civil 3d it comes in a differently, incorrect spot. Specifically many many miles straight north of the correctly area. 

I am relatively new to using Global Mapper, but every where I know to check the lidar datum/projection is correct. Funny enough if i export a shapefile from the same civil 3d file it comes in correctly to Global Mapper. Not sure which software isn't communicating corretly. 

Would love some help. 



  • If you have a small sample and able to share it I can look into it. I also have C3D.