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How to Export FBX (and other 3D formats) via GM Scripting?

NateDawggNateDawgg Global Mapper UserPosts: 12
I would like to be able to use Global Mapper scripting to generate 3D meshes in the FBX or OBJ format from tiled GeoTiff Elevation datasets. I have generated FBX 3D meshes from GeoTiff Elevation via the Global Mapper GUI, but have not seen the same functionality available in the Global Mapper v.21 Scripting Reference document. The GM Scripting Reference document does not list support for exporting 3D formats, which seems odd, since it does state that you can import FBX models. Am I missing something? Does GM Scripting support exporting to the FBX format? If so, could you please provide instructions. Thanks in advance, for your help!
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