can save file in v20 but not v21

JSLJSL Global Mapper UserPosts: 434Trusted User
I was working with the attached workspace in V21 and got the below error when I tried to save, but when I opened the file in v20, I could work in it and save it without any problem,  Unfortunately, it's too large to attach as a file, but any suggestions would be appreciated:

Saving workspace <C:\Users\CHRISL~1\AppData\Local\Temp\GlobalMapper\GMW1C91.tmp> - Writing Script Header
Read access violation at data address 0x00000000000001C1,
program address 0x0000000140F09116.

Version: v21.0.2 (123) (64-bit)
Build Time: Dec  4 2019 19:23:16
Thread: Main UI Thread

Stack Trace:
0000000140F09116 (global_mapper)
0000000140D03789 (global_mapper)
0000000140D06689 (global_mapper)
0000000140CA7376 (global_mapper)
0000000140507F73 (global_mapper)
000000014050DE02 (global_mapper)
00000001405065E3 (global_mapper)
00007FFA3692B9A3 (mfc140)
00007FFA369BAE64 (mfc140)
00007FFA367523E3 (mfc140)
000000014077A5B7 (global_mapper)
00007FFA369A9035 (mfc140)
000000014077ADF7 (global_mapper)
00007FFA369A883E (mfc140)
00007FFA369A5CA3 (mfc140)
... (28 Additional Stack Items Hidden)

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Memory: 8,984,711,168 of 17,137,094,656 available, GDI Usage: 426 GDI (Peak 581), 166 User (Peak 290)


  • JeffH@BMGJeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Posts: 331Trusted User
    Hi JSL,

    If you contact Blue Marble Support directly via email (, they should be able to set up a place for you to post the workspace file to they can take a look at the problem.

    Best regards,

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