Global Mapper v25.0

JNX batch export?

Garmin JNX has been listed as supported for batch export from at least V19 however only Garmin KMZ is offered in the batch dialogue. Is there something else required to enable this? 


  • Use export:

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  • Thanks, been doing that for a while with individual sheets.

    However I now have a region of 844 sheets that I would like to run as a batch to obtain individual JNX sheets.

    The issues is with the batch process itself not listing JNX as an option in the drop down list from the (File, Batch Convert/Reproject) "Convert To" dialogue.

    Scripting does not recognise JNX either, however I've never seen JNX supported under scripting as it was for batch.

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  • Are these sheets in different sections? Can't they be sewn in the first place? If not, then so:

  • Johno, Do you make maps for Garmin Ltd. at home? :)
  • This mosaics into one output file right, or am I missing a step here?

    What I'm after is separate sheets for each of the input files, they are quite extensive and any combining that is possible way exceeds tile & device limits.

    No not for Garmin, the sheets are a combination of 25k topo's which could easily be (and have been previously)combined, but also many ad-hoc detailed historic maps & plans scattered over that large tract of land here. The objective is to replicate them from laptops and tablets into smaller devices such as watches for better mobility in rugged areas hence the device limitations.

    And as the masters are regularly updated simply running a batch each time is also preferable.

  • In this case, you must create 2 MAP CATALOGs from source rasters:
    1. Topo maps
    2. Historic maps etc
    Then export them individually to 2 files JNX. It is important to ensure that DrawOrder it is different. File with large DrawOrder lies on top. :)
    You can change Draw (Z) Order using the Jnxer utility.

  • No, they are still way too large, and I don't want them all combined for the reasons stated above.

    I need individual files exported.....that's why there is a batch function.

  • Then load all the rasters, highlight the necessary and Layer - EXPORT......

  • Of course they can be chunked down, but that's still a lot of files and manual work and makes the collection inconsistent so does not address my question.

    I'm hoping someone here can help with automation of the conversion to JNX, e.g. ideally using Batch as JNX is supposed to be supported, or alternatively Script or possibly another systemic solution.

  • Yes, obviously, you need a script, but unfortunately I can’t help you.