Labeling by feature order (Index in Layer)

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I'm using Global Mapper v14.2 (yes, I know, it's very old).

I have a series of line features that I've ordered by selecting, cutting, and pasting them back to the original layer. This allow me to set the order in the layer so that when I export the SHP file, the associated DBF file has those features in order. (the last cut/paste becomes the last record in my DBF file.

I've noticed using Search (binoculars) tool in GM, that there is an attribute at the far right of the table that gives <Index in Layer>, showing the order I created.

Is it possible to use this attribute within GM for labeling, rather than modifying the DBF file and adding that attribute, then reloading the SHP or GMW file? Index doesn't appear as an attribute option in the pulldown menu in labeling options, and I'm not sure if can make it one within GM.


  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 169
    Not sure why it isn't available for you. It appears in my list when I use this method:

    1. Double-click the layer
    2. Go to Labels tab
    3. Click on the Use Selected Attribute Value and choose <Index in Layer>
    4. OK

    Also available via Use Custom Format String e.g. My label text with attribute %<Index in Layer>%

    You can also copy the attributes to a new attribute - not sure if this is the same workflow in v14.2 though:

    1. Select Feature with Digitizer
    2. Right-click > Attribute/Style Functions > Calculate/Copy Attributes for Feature Selection
    3. Enter an Attribute Name you want in the first box e.g. Order
    4. Choose <Index in Layer> as the Source Attribute
    5. Leave the Operation as Copy Source Attribute to New Attribute
    6. Claculate

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