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Atlas Shader colors don't transfer to kmz

Hi Everyone, 

Is this just me or others also struggle with same problem.
When loading multiples grids and applying atlas shader - all seems fine in GM, I can see atlas shading applied etc etc, but when exporting into KML i exports it with different shader. 
The only option to fix it is if I first merge all these grids into one, apply atlas shader and then export.

Why is that or what am I doing wrong?

Global Mapper v19.0.2 (b112717) (1) [64-bit] - REGISTERED

Thank you for all your time


  • Works for me. I group the layers and Right-Click > Layer > Export > KML/KMZ (Any Data as Images) with the default settings.
  • I've tried and doesnt work form me, thanks anyway.
    Do u happen to know if that atlas shader is asort of dynamic shading? When I zoom out, but I mean till extent of the area then all of sudden colors change to just one, blue :/
    Among all the files, one of them was empty - see below. Once I removed it from the whole set all works just fine.

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