supporty for ardupilot mission planner waypoint files.

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It would be handy to setup waypoint missions in Global Mapper and be able to export the file to the Mission Planner for uploading to a Pixhawk flight controller.


  • bisenbergerbisenberger Global Mapper User Posts: 73Trusted User
    Link to mission planner:


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,093

    What kind of data does the Mission Planner software work with? Can you provide a sample? I took a quick look at the information you linked, but didn't see a description of the required data format. It would be helpful if you could provide a link to the format specification.

  • I just sent in a similar request a month or two ago, but it was for waypoint flights --> Litchi (CSV or KML format).  

    Bob - if you end up looking into this further, I think it'll be helpful to differentiate between "mapping" flights and "waypoint" flights.    Mapping flights send waypoints to the drone flight controller as well, but planning is usually done by setting mapping extents, ground sampling distance (and elevation), speed and overlap.  Most people make their own XML files for their camera profile, then the software calculates flight line spacing based on the XML file and user defined sidelap.  

    Waypoint flights are usually a lat/lon and height above takeoff, along with pitch/roll/yaw. 

    Mission Planner is/was an open source flight planning program made by Michael Osborne.  I'm not sure how much it's used anymore, but 3D Robotics' & Ardupilot users were the majority of users.  3DR uses SiteScan nowadays.  
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