Global Mapper v24.0

Issue when exporting image as kml overlay


I have been successfully exporting raster images using the steps:

Layer > Export > KML/KMZ (vector data only) > Ensure "Embed Linked Image files rather than linking to disk location" > Naming in a folder 

For some reason I have started to get this error:

I have tried exporting as different formats i.e. ECW, GeoTiff, JPG and they will export fine. It only seems to be the kmz option giving this error.
I have tried defining the bounds, using the "Export bounds" tab by layer or by selected area or by loaded on screen; still get the same error message.

Any suggestions of what could be the issue would be appreciated. 

I am using v21.0 64-bit [+LIDAR] 
Running all data from and to my computer hard drive.


  • Are you exporting any vector feature? If not it won't work as there are no vector features to export. Instead try Layer > Export > KML/KMZ (Any Data as Images)
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