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convert bearing and distance line segments arbitrary coordinates?

This seems like such a trivial problem that I feel stupid asking it... I have project with surveyed lot boundaries. I am not comfortable using the long/lats I can pick off from Google map image for the lot. In GM 20, the arbitrary coordinates assigned by GM when I loaded the map is not suited to me. I could use the bearings/distances to calculate the northings and eastings for property corners and the presumably re-rectify the image to the corner coords. The COGO tool looked promising but that is not related to the projection tool.  Any easy was to do this apparently simple conversion???



  • You can change the projection at any time after importing the data, or you can set it to the one you want first and then import the data. Either way works fine.

    Configure (spanner/wrench button) > Projection

    You can of course manually add points to the property corners or convert your polylines/polygons to points automatically. To do the latter:
    1. Select the lines with the Digitizer Tool
    2. Right-click > Advanced Feature Creation Tools > Create New Points from Selected Area and Line Features
    You can export the points out to the format of your choice e.g. CSV, which will export the X, Y and Z values but if you want to add the X and Y values to your points so that you can see them in the Attribute Editor (Search > Search by Attributes, Name, and Description). To do this do the following:
    1. Select the points with the Digitizer Tool
    2. Right-click > Attribute/Style Functions > Add Coordinate/Bounds Attributes to Selected Feature(s)
  • emedley
    emedley Global Mapper User
    OK. Thanks!  Let me try that. Of course, I'll have to manually calculate the Northings and Eastings (Latitudes and Departures, we used to call them when I was an engineering student a half-century ago..) before I assign their values to the property corners. Too bad clever GM does not do that for me, thought It seems to accomplish so much else!
  • Can you send any data for us to look at? We would also need to know the coordinate system of the data if it is not clear.
  • emedley
    emedley Global Mapper User
    Sorry:  just got back to this problem. I cannot ignore it any longer.

    I cannot send data since I am working on confidential project. But: all my layers are currently  registered as WGS projection. I did not care about projection when I started: I just wanted to overlay layers and register relative with each other and I think WGS was the default. Problem is that I now have horizontal scale in miles instead of feet. I do have a site plan that shows what look to be arbitrary grid with registration Xs (crosses) every 100 feet and a few coordinate labels so I can identify the grid being 4700 N, 4800N etc.. and 9200 E, 9300 E etc. 

    I want to reproject all my layers and data onto that arbitrary grid.This seems such a silly task, certainly must be easy for a practiced GM driver, which I am not. .. It would be useful if there was an arbitrary "rectilinear grid" option in the list of projections available...

     I was thinking of importing a layer with the grid and then doing what?- one by one reproject each layer to that gridded map? Yikes!  I have about 50 layers and really cannot afford the time and effort to start again!