Global Mapper v24.0

Finding features that don’t intersect

walker Global Mapper User
I have a layer with 7,000 points spread out over about 20,000 acres. We have multiple bulldozers making trails so that we can drive to these 7,000 points. The bulldozers have navigation systems and nightly send me a shape file of their track log for the day.

Ideally I want them to go directly to each point but due to accuracy limitations I figure 30’ is good enough. I created 30’ range rings for the 7,000 points and then overlay their track logs on the range rings and visually QC their work. Some times they just completely miss points or don’t get close enough for whatever reason. 

My visual QC is very tedious due the the sheer volume of the data and is prone to human error in me missing something. 

Is there a way to have Global Mapper look at the layer with the tracks and the layer with the range rings and tell which range rings don’t intersect the tracks?


  • You can perform an advanced selection to find the range rings that do intersect the track(s) and then invert the selection:

    1. Select the track(s) with the Digitizer Tool
    2. Right-click > Advanced Selection Options > Select All Areas and Lines that Intersect or Touch the Selected Lines
    3. Right-click > Advanced Selection Options > Invert Selection
  • walker
    walker Global Mapper User
    Thank you. I am in the field today but will try that tonight.