Exporting list of data layers

JamesRutterJamesRutter Global Mapper UserPosts: 98Trusted User
We're moving data around on some of our network shares and I need an easy way to find out what data some Global Mapper users project workspaces are pointing to.
Is there a method whereby I can export a list of network paths / filenames for data that's loaded into a GM workspace?
Many thanks.


  • BillBBillB Global Mapper User Posts: 134Trusted User
    Hi, an expert may be along with a more elegant answer shortly, but a quick and dirty answer is to open the GMW file in a text editor.  GMW's are text format, easily readable.  The filepaths/names of linked data will be readily apparent.  Of course, so will a lot of other stuff (e.g. coordinates defining shapes within the GMW file), so this doesn't precisely focus you on the answer you want, but the data is there.
    Also, don't alter/save the GMW file whilst poking around inside, let GM do that!
  • JamesRutterJamesRutter Global Mapper User Posts: 98Trusted User
    @BillB OK I will give that a go. Many thanks.
  • Ice Age MarkIce Age Mark Global Mapper User Posts: 324Trusted User

    The COPY_LAYER_FILES scripting function seems to do this for me:


    (It didn't split out a GM map catalog into individual files)

    Hope it works,

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