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I am a surveyor and have been using various basic features of GM for over 10 years. I wanted to use P2P to process our drone images for orthoimages and occasionally a point cloud so I upgraded to Release 21 and the LiDAR Module. We flew a job site and I tried to generate an orthoimage. They look like crap. They are blurry, the edges of features are warped- it was useless. A friend ran my images and control points thru Pix4D and they look great- sharp, crisp, perfectly matched our GPS points, good for survey grade images. 

I have ran the same set of images several times using various settings doing the best I can with the instructions in HELP. If I reduce the image size it will run (taking all night but that is not a problem) but the image is useless. If I don't reduce the file size it says it will take 4 days which is also useless.

I know I need training but I live in the hinterlands and to catch a plane to somewhere and go to classes is not optional. GM has always been a favorite software of mine as it has always been intuitive and user friendly. I thought that I would be able to figure it out like I always have.

All my work will be basically the same. We will fly a site somewhere below 200', we will set the Phantom 4 Pro's camera to a high resolution, we will have between 70 & 80% overlap, the sites will mostly all be small- only a couple of acres, we will set ground control.

My computer specs are: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 eight-core processor 3.20 GHz with 32 GB of RAM Win 10 Pro.

To be survey grade I need the orthoimage to be around 0.25' per pixle. Before I give up and move to Pix4D I want to see if someone can help me. Given the parameters and hardware listed above could someone tell me what are the specific settings I need to use for Resampling, create from mesh, reduce image size, relative altitude, incremental/global, quality, camera type. To try them one at a time to find the right combination will take months and patience I don't have. 

Can someone help me?


  • kfroesekfroese Geotechnical Engineer Posts: 169Trusted User
    I feel your pain. I do occasional drone flights (a few a year) and I too have found the resulting orthoimages to be garbage despite hoping for better (also a 10+ yr user of GM). I've had unexplained holes in the data, poor colour matching, and so forth. I've played with numerous settings in GM and rarely have gotten the image noticeably better. Run the same images through Pix4D or DroneDeploy or Carlson Pixelment or Metashape and I always get much better quality and accuracy. Your computer isn't the problem... I don't think GM P2P processing is up to the standards set by those other packages. Price with GM LiDAR is good but, unfortunately, the quality isn't.
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