Global Mapper v24.1

Batch convert/Reproject does not write projection when converting from GeoTIFF to ECW

I am trying to convert a set of GeoTIFF files to ECW in Global Mapper using the Batch convert/Reproject tool.
The GeoTIFF files were produced and properly projected in Global Mapper.
When I run the tool, it produces ECW files but they don't have projection even though I checked the boxes "Include projection/Datum in header" and "Save ECW Projection Name as EPSG:XXXX"
What would the proper way to convert multiple GeoTIFF files to ECW in Global Mapper that also apply the source file projection to the resulting file be?

Thanks in advance for your support.




  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Hello Miguel,

    I suggest that you contact Blue Marble Support directly via email ( Please include a detailed description of your workflow, including a screen capture of your Batch Convert/Reproject options, and a GeoTIFF that can be used to reproduce the problem. This will help them resolve the issue more quickly. Thanks.