Global Mapper v24.0

Digitize Line in Profile View

I imagine being able to draw a 3d polyline on a profile view. This 3d line would then be saved as an object. This would be very useful when creating terrain from very vegetated pointclouds.

This is what I mean more or less:


  • It looks like this is somewhat doable via drawing a 3d path and using the "Create line feature from subpath". However this only allows for a straight line, not a polyline. To be usable on a large scale it would need to be possible to export a polyline.
  • Hello: I quite agree with this need. A manual ground profile estimation by means of this human guided interpolation would be great. I'm right now facing the very same case and it is taking ages to select points and assign ground class, while it would be a lot faster and simpler to draw a low-pass line...
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