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What projections can I use to import GeoPDFs into Global Mapper Mobile Pro?

I'm trying to import GeoPDFs directly into GMM Pro, but every single time, no matter what projection I'm trying to use (MTM, UTM, Geographic, LCC, Mercator, also tried with both WSG84 and NAD83), I always get a message that says Load Error Layer could not be loaded due to unsupported projection.
I can't find any specifications about what projection to use. Also, it works flawlessly if I load them when they're inside a gmmp file.

Anyone can help?



  • PShoreyPShorey Global Mapper Developer Posts: 195Moderator, Trusted User
    PDF's must be in one of the projections natively supported by GMM: Geographic (WGS84, degrees), LCC (WGS84, meters), Mercator (World or Web, meters), and Transverse Mercator (WGS84, meters). If you are unable to load your PDF in any of these projections, could you send a copy to BMG support at I would be happy to take a look to see where the app is having a problem and fix as needed. GMMP files offer much more flexability as far as projections go. GM 21 will include transform grids in the GMMP file so that Moble can work with data in any projection supported by GM. 

  • PShoreyPShorey Global Mapper Developer Posts: 195Moderator, Trusted User
    I received your PDF file and screen shots. Thank you! I noticed that your device language is set to French. I was able to reproduce the issue when I set may device language to French. I was able to load the PDF when my device language was set to English. We have created a bug report for this (GMM-789). Look for an update in the App Store in the coming days.
  • Hey, thanks a lot! Indeed, our tablets are set to French.

    I'll be waiting for the update!

  • Hey again! Any idea if the update will be pushed soon? We're trying to evaluate if GMM can be a good option for us right now, but it's difficult to convince people it can be with the problems we're having, and time is starting to run out.

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