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Why won't Global Mapper Mobile save elevation data when recorded in the field?

Hi there,

When previously using the Global Mapper Mobile app all of my data had an elevation attribute, it seems that after the latest update the GPS collected data will save X and Y but not elevation. This only occurs when collecting data outside of the GPS Field Data layer which still seems to work (e.g. a user made layer for containing point data would previously record elevation whereas it now does not). Any help you can provide will be much appreciated!




  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer Moderator, Trusted User
    Thank you for pointing this out. I have opened ticket for this issue (GMM-774). Watch for an update on the App Store. It appears that the ELEVATION attribute is lost when changing the layer from the default (GPS Field Data layer). Until a fix is available, you will have to keep all of the new GPS points in the default layer. However, you can rename the layer after the points have been created (Control Center | GPS Field Data | Description). Sorry for the inconvenience.
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