Issue with Auto-Classify Non-Ground Script

I have a lidar file in which I am trying to auto-classify the non-ground points. For some reason I am not getting the same result when classifying the lidar file with the script as I would in the Global Mapper application with the same parameters. It appears that there are fewer vegetation points being classified through the script than when ran in the GUI. I have uploaded pictures of the lidar file after running the classification algorithm with the script and in the GUI. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! The auto-classify script command is as follows. "LIDAR_CLASSIFY FILENAME=%FNAME% TYPE=NONGROUND GRID_BIN_SIZE="-0.4" LIDAR_MIN_HEIGHT="2" LIDAR_PLANE_MAX_ANGLE="5" LIDAR_PLANE_MAX_OFFSET="0.08" LIDAR_TREE_MAX_OFFSET = "0.15""
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