Does Global Mapper have any future plans to allow terrain export at multiple resolutions?

gguygguy Global Mapper UserPosts: 29Trusted User
Let's say for example I have a 1 foot resolution lidar data set. I would like to only keep the 1 foot horizontal spacing resolution for only a few small select areas on my terrain, the rest I would like it to be something like 2 meter (trying to get some areas of the terrain mesh to have more detail, and other areas less detail). So first, I would need to be able to make selections on my terrain mesh that I want to keep at the 1 foot res. Then when I export the entire terrain as a single mesh (which I usually crop to selected feature) it asks what resolution you want to export as. There would need to be multiple export options where it retains the 1 foot data on the selected areas and the unselected areas you would enter a different resolution. Can this be done? I'm sure it can be, I work with terrain elevation all the time and we can have some areas at different grid resolutions than others. 

Anyway, thanks.  


  • You could export the selected areas out as an XYZ Grid at the spacings you require. Them import both points files back in and GRID them together; checking the option to Save Triangulation Network (TIN) as a Vector Layer. You can then export the hybrid mesh out if required.
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