Re-tiling DEMs


I've run into a problem I'm having trouble solving. I'm trying to re-tile a bunch of DEMs into larger tiles using a shapefile of tiles I already have. So my process is:
1) Create map catalog of all my DEMs
2) Load and select the shapefile tiles
3) Right-click catalog -> export
4) On the tiling tab select 'use selected area features...'
5) Hasn't made a difference to my specific problem what I choose next (either clip to bounding box or exact tile)

I let that run. To ensure the data is unchanged I do a grid subtraction from the original and I'm seeing there ranges 1-10cm differences in many places throughout the DEM. This is a big deal when the vertical accuracy of the DEM is supposed to be 10cm.

What I have found works:
If I do this same process, but instead do 1 tile at a time with the export bounds tab option 'crop to selected area feature', there is no difference between the output and the original tile. 0cm difference everywhere.

Doing this 1 by 1 would obviously take a long time if I have 50+ DEMs to export.

I'm using a relatively recent daily build (mid August I believe).

Anyone ran into this or know a solution? I need the tiling solution to work without it resampling my grid nodes. For resampling options I always select 'Default (resample if needed)' and I am not changing the resolution of the DEMs.


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