Global Mapper v25.0

Exporting labels as vector images

Hi, Is there a way to create labels in Global Mapper, which will be exported as vector images (KMZ).
Originally I had  100km grid shapefiles 
And I wanted to have scalable labels on the KMZ output, like this (KMZ in attachment).
YES - labels don't cluttering the map.

To get that result I needed to create the grid with labels in PDF (using Foxit), but after re-projecting labels are not too nice. Is there a way to create image like labels in Global Mapper directly?

NO - labels displayed as Name of vector area -  cluttering the map on some zoom levels


  • To Miroslawa   I don’t know English at all. Sorry! I am writing with an electronic dictionary. Do you need such a result? Может, русский?))
  • @tikhpetr, Those labels are very similar to what I get. The issue is, that I would like to get something like that - creating vector labels using only Global Mapper from shapefiles, without creating additional vector labels shapes elsewhere.

    Did you used original shapefiles to export? I think not, and you used only mine overlay (drawn in FoxitPDF). If you can get that result directly in GM from shapefiles, please give me export settings. :)

    Sorry, I'm not best in Russian.  ;)