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Why does it take so long to load a workspace that contains a point cloud layer?

bisenberger Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I have a workspace that was saved with a las overlay that I performed some LiDAR processing on. When I open the workspace it takes a really long time to load.



  • bisenberger
    bisenberger Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Is there anything I can do when I save a workspace with a point cloud to help it to load faster?
  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    To some extent, it depends on what processing you have done, and how much data you are working with, but generally, if you export your changes to a new LAS file and create a new workspace with that file, the workspace should load faster. Once you have processed LiDAR data, there is overhead to loading those changes from a workspace -- it is much faster to just load a LAS file.

  • bisenberger
    bisenberger Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Thanks Bob