Why does it take so long to load a workspace that contains a point cloud layer?

bisenbergerbisenberger Global Mapper UserPosts: 61Trusted User
I have a workspace that was saved with a las overlay that I performed some LiDAR processing on. When I open the workspace it takes a really long time to load.



  • bisenbergerbisenberger Global Mapper User Posts: 61Trusted User
    Is there anything I can do when I save a workspace with a point cloud to help it to load faster?
  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,026

    To some extent, it depends on what processing you have done, and how much data you are working with, but generally, if you export your changes to a new LAS file and create a new workspace with that file, the workspace should load faster. Once you have processed LiDAR data, there is overhead to loading those changes from a workspace -- it is much faster to just load a LAS file.

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