Global Mapper v25.0

Export large image - use ECW or Tif files??

Hi Guys,

Hopefully this make sense. I have about 15 ECW files to export into one ecw mosiac. total of all files about 60GB

I also have all the TIF files for these 15 ECW files. Which is faster to create the final ECW mosiac export? ECW or TIF.

Does ECW require an uncompress and recompress taking longer even though the files themselves would be smaller than the thousands of TIFs?

The reason i ask is because ive tried creating a catalog from the 15 ECW and exporting, but it keeps failing within a week without a reason and nothing in %appdata% logs. 

PLease help! 



  • If they are rasters, try to save in JPEG 2000 format. 50 to 1 compression is good for most applications. Global Mapper has issues when trying to save grides (i.e. elevation models) to JPEG20000