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gathering Data from created line features

I have a question regarding the possibility of obtaining data relative to a line feature created using the buffer tool. I have created a cultivation pattern which are associated with the topographical features of the landscape. The pattern of parallel lines must function in a way that each line must slope gently away from the valley to the ridge ( the ridge is illustrated with the dashed brown line) Meaning, each line, if you start from a point in the ridge must slope slightly upwards to the other end.  I have attached two images of the pattern with and without contours.
I can mundanely check each line using the path profile tool to see if it is sloping correctly but on very large patterns this is a lengthy task. My question is, is there a way of collectively viewing data regarding the slope of every line simultaneously ? This would be a game changer for me regarding the design of these patterns.

Thanks in advance.....


  • Amanda McDermott
    Amanda McDermott Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Does looking at it in 3D help? Perhaps with vertical exaggeration, if it's quite subtle? Otherwise, if something you're doing often, it seems like something you could probably write a script for, which could spit out data for all the lines.
  • Thanks Amanda, 3D does help but does not give me the actual data which is fundamental to understand if the pattern will work. I can select all the lines and use the path profile tool to generate a 2d profile of every line which is helpful but still takes time to evaluate. I appreciate your response.
  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    Assuming that you have an elevation grid for your area of interest, you can select your features in the Digitizer, right-click and choose Attribute/Style Functions | Calculate Elevation/Slope Stats for Selected Feature(s). This will add several attributes to each feature related to the slope and elevation gain/loss. Depending on what you want to do, you can view the information in the Attribute Editor, export it to CSV for further analysis in a spreadsheet, or label each line with the attributes that are most useful for you.

    It is not clear from the image you attached, but before you look at the slope information, you may need to split your lines into separate features where they intersect with the ridge line. This can also be done in the Digitizer under Crop/Combine/Split Functions in the context menu.

  • Great, Thanks Bob. I will work on your suggestions.
  • I know there is a command that forces lines to flow down hill.  Look in the terrain analysis menus.
  • Thanks ...I will

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