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a noob's attempt to get elevation dataset

Hi all,
total beginner here. I'm hoping to get a elevation dataset for land and ocean floor onto 1 dataset. Ideally the data is in lat, long , alt form, but cartesian x,y,z is ok too. Maybe this can be my blog on how I well I fair in this task.
Looking at the IDE its one of the most daunting I've seen. 5 rows of buttons! It would take years to learn it all. 
It's taken me 8 days to get approved on this forum so I only have 6 days left to scrap a bit of info on how to use Global Mapper before the trial runs out.

any advice on where to start?

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  • meemoeukmeemoeuk Posts: 4
    i should mention I want a dataset for the whole world
  • coelodontacoelodonta Global Mapper User Posts: 29
    You load them both into GM then export the lot as a single file in your choice of format. 

  • meemoeukmeemoeuk Posts: 4
    I tried aster gdem v2 worldwide elevation data
    and srtm worldwide elevation data

    the former uses glacier surface as elevation data!
    the later doesn't have polar data.

    I don't see any ocean floor data in the online sources.

    so currently I've only got surface data not at glaciers. Anyone know where to get ocean floor data? Anyone know where to get sub glacier, rock \ soil height data?
  • meemoeukmeemoeuk Posts: 4
    thanks mark, thats definitely a big improvement over what i had before. I think i need to somehow combine the bedrock map with height map though. also need to wonder if my program can handle such massive files or do i need to write code to cut it up.
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