how do l save my georeferenced image

hie l had some trouble saving my georeferenced image or l am doing something wrong. my image was off by a couple of metres. so l imported gcps from a csv file  and they were 9m out because the image was not properly geo referenced so l saved the image such that the gcps positions in the image become part of the reference image. I then loaded the 2 images and geo referenced the other image by clicking the pixel at the centre of the  Gcp of the not properly refererenced image and on the reference image that would correspond to the pixel value of postion of the loaded gcp or the position that corresponds to tha position of the gcp if the image was correctly referenced. it worked well because if l save the workspace and unload the gcps close global mapper open the workspace and load a csv file the points fall on the exact position of the gcp meaning that the in this workspace the image has been referenced. I then click layer export ecw. when l open the image file its not on coordinate according to the georeferencing its still of by 9m any suggestions please on how to save georeferenced image
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