watershed analysis

skkskk Global Mapper UserPosts: 8
Is there an option to generate analysis similar to watershed; all around a defined point  but based on an inclined surface, say 1 degree; need to analyse if inside a valley, can you clear the valley.


  • JSLJSL Global Mapper User Posts: 434Trusted User
    Are you trying to determine the low point of the valley?
  • coelodontacoelodonta Global Mapper User Posts: 27
    In not sure what you're trying to do here but i often just create a square area feature and edit the vertices to get my slope  angle then cut or calculate one surface against another using the combine compare terrain tool
  • skkskk Global Mapper User Posts: 8
    Thanks for your reply. This is to see how a climbing aircraft will clear high surrounding terrain. Watershed analysis finds intersection of a given plane with the terrain. This one would need intersection of terrain with an inverted cone where semi-apex angle of the cone corresponds to the climb gradient (=90-climb angle). 
  • JSLJSL Global Mapper User Posts: 434Trusted User
    I don't know how to do it, but if you could figure out how to make a 3-D model of the cone, maybe you could use the Combine/Compare Terrain Layers or the Create Flattened Site plan functions to see if there are any intersections between the cone and the terrain.
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