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Export attributes to DWG as MTEXT

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I use GM to generate parcel labels to export into my AutoCAD survey drawings.  In GM I load the assessor's parcel shapefile and  create a custom formatted string for the label of each parcel in the format of:

GM Feature Label:                                                    Resulting CAD Label:
PID: %PROP_ID%                                                         PID: K12-03-22
%SITE_ADDR%                                                          22 Carriage Lane
Now or Formerly                                                                    n/f
%OWNER1%                                                               Pat Cunningham
Book %LS_BOOK% Page %LS_PAGE%                  Book 1234 Page 567

Which gives me a nice label for each abutting parcel in my drawing and save a ton of time on a project such as a mile or two of roadway with a few hundred abutters!  However I usually have to adjust the text size upon exporting a few times to get the right size label in CAD.  If there were an option to have the attributes for each feature (parcel) export as MTEXT, (which is text grouped together) it would allow the text to be moved or adjusted as  a group, rather than selecting each text item individually.  Or, optionally, although a bit less convenient on the CAD side, group the text as a CAD block (independent of the feature) so it could be scaled and moved as a group.

That would also allow the text height to be easily changed without messing up the line spacing. As it is now, if you scale own the text size the spacing between the lines does not change so it looks like the lines are triple or spaced, or if you increase the text height the lines overwrite each other.




  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Hello Tim,

    To clarify: It looks like you have set up a multi-line label, and you want it to be exported as a single MTEXT object. Is this correct?

    It looks like Global Mapper currently exports that as a separate text object for each line.

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