Global Mapper Mobile Display error

I have a Generated Grid of elevation values created from LiDAR data. The grid is displayed with shaded relief (Atlas Shader) which is necessary to highlight the surface detail. When I export this layer using File: Export: Export Global Mappper Mobile File and load it onto my iPad the image looks like the original LIDAR data without the shader data and thus lacks the detail I need. To verify it was exported correctly, I opened the exported file using the desktop app and it is displayed correctly. Only the Mobile App displays it incorrectly.

How do I retain the shader data from the desktop app on my mobile app?


  • PShoreyPShorey Global Mapper Developer Posts: 194Moderator, Trusted User
    Global Mapper Mobile only supports the basic atlas shader at this time, i.e. no hill shading. We do have an open ticket to add shader options in a future release (GMM-324). I will add a reference to this thread. In the meantime, a possible workaround would be to export your grid with the desired shading as a raster image, and then use that as the base map in your gmmp.
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