Global Mapper v24.1

When downloading from source to external drive freezes but not on internal drive...

Hi All,
I bought the latest version of 20.1 and trying to download. I first started filling my drive so I switched to external drive. But odd behavior of sometimes it starts then stops and other times I do not see speed of download indicator but says it is downloading.but when I check the destination folder I see no change in size as it says it is downloading. I did notice on an older version of windows 10 professional that it looked as if it was downloading to a temp folder but it worried me because the C drive was not where I wanted it since it was smaller.
I also ended up disabling my virus scan since that seemed to conflict with Global Mapper Downloads.

So any recommendations? I bought it to download elevation data but so many issues not sure what to do.



  • Ok I am working on settings for my external drive hopefully that solves the problem for the drive to stay powered up.
  • Ok the drive is set to stay on but Global Mapper memory usage continues to grow so far went from 300MB to over 1.3GB I have up to maybe 10GB before I think my laptop will crash so maybe Global Mapper will limit itself.
    I will let it run for several hours to see what happens.
  • Except for some sort of error regarding the download it is still working. I was able to continue the download but not sure if it retried and was ok or if there will be issues when the download is done.