Global Mapper v25.0

Path Profile Vertical Scale

I am creating profiles in GM by importing a line shapefile and a 10m DEM, selecting the line.shp with the digitizer tool and then right clicking and selecting the Analysis/Measurement--> Path Profile Option.  I have set the vertical scale to match the horizontal scale.  I export the profile to shapefile and bring it into ArcMap to include in a Geologic Plate.  When I print the plate at 1:24000 and measure the vertical scale, it is slightly off, more than I think will be acceptable to the geologist.  What should measure as 5000' comes in at about 4850'.  I set the vertical scale to 1, not 1.0.  Could that be a problem or could it be a rounding issue going from metric to imperial units or something.  More importantly, is there a way to correct it?  Thank you for your help. CaitlinB


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Hello Caitlin,

    Are you printing from Global Mapper or ArcMap? If you are printing from ArcMap, then this seems like their problem. I ran a quick test where I exported a profile to a shapefile, then loaded it back into Global Mapper. The distance between the vertical scale lines seems to be correct. Are you seeing something different?

    If you are printing from Global Mapper, I suggest that you contact Blue Marble Support directly. Please provide a detailed description of your work flow, including screen captures of any Global Mapper options screens involved, and data that can be used to reproduce the problem. This will allow the support team to reproduce the problem and determine a solution. Thanks.