Global Mapper v24.0

Changing the Elevation of a Sketchup Model

Got the sketchup model into GM.  GM converted it to .DAE.  Rotated it.  Translated it.

Now how do I change the Z value?

And while I am asking, how do I export it?  It really did not want to go.

My vision?  Taking a proposed building and popping it into a DSM from a Point Cloud.  


  • Haha I have a thought to add a line under my sketchup model down to zero in skerchup...  
  • Hahaha - I got it if anybody wants it...

    I moved the sketchup model in sketchup to the right elevation, then exported it to KMZ, then imported it, ran a rotation, ran a translation and it is in the right spot.  I wish I had completed more oblique images in my drone flight as the DSM looks a little meh.
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