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Control Center has started... storing whatever previous graphics were in the window?

basilbowman Global Mapper User
So, after I enabled the LIDAR module on my machine(Windows 7 64 bit, 8GB RAM,  GM 19.1 b021218) - the Control Center window has started to show some kind of bug in the graphics where whatever was in the background is stored in the Control Center window.  This is difficult to explain, and will be easier to just look at the first picture.

If I resize the window, the second picture is the result.

No windows updates have occured, I haven't changed the graphics driver, haven't have this problem in the past five years of running GM on this machine (from V14 to V19!)...  I'm pretty sure this is a GM issue.  Help!


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    edited May 2019

    Very strange...I don't think I have ever seen that in Global Mapper.

    Does the behavior persist when you close Global Mapper and reopen it, or after you reboot your computer? Does this happen when the pane is resized while docked?

  • basilbowman
    basilbowman Global Mapper User
    It has been an issue for about a week, reboot - reopening, but only when it's undocked, not when it's docked.  Fullscreen/resized undocked, but docked it does it!
  • basilbowman
    basilbowman Global Mapper User
    But... a workaround I just found trying to answer your question is that when I dock it, it stops that behavior until I restart GM!
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