Global Mapper v25.0

Creating a surface with the same shape as the terrain


I would like to know how to create a surface that has the same shape as the ground. That is, create a surface that has exactly the same shape as the terrain (elevation grid) previously loaded in a delimited region (e.g.: a square). The reason is because I need to create a volume in wich it's lower limit is the terrain (a different elevation in each point) and the upper limit is a constat altitud (e.g. 3000 m)

Thank you!!


  • kfroese
    kfroese Geotechnical Engineer Trusted User
    Would creating a boundary box work? Then you can edit the elevations of the vertices to your constant altitude.

    Boundary boxes can be created in the Control Center (right-click menu: Layers -> BBOX/Coverage).
  • Above advice is good, but I take it a step further by converting the elevation grid to points and then creating a bounding box that's point-to-point from that.  Prevents the weird triangles from being created along the edge of the cropping polygon.