Global Mapper v25.0

Use BORDER_COLOR attribute for fill colour of area features


Is it possible to use the BORDER_COLOR attribute as the solid fill colour in the Area Styles tab under Apply Same Styling Based on Attribute/Name Values?

Essentially I would like to style my polygons with a solid fill (with no border) using the attribute data gleaned from using the Add Style Attributes to Selected Features command . It only seems to allow me to use this value as a border colour and not a fill colour.

For background info I am trying to find a workaround to import the solid hatches from CAD drawings into Global Mapper whilst retaining the colours. Currently it converts solid hatches into TIN Face Areas. I have tried creating a new attribute called FILL_STYLE and setting them to Solid and then creating a new attribute FILL_COLOR and passing the BORDER_COLOR values to it using the Calculator. When I try to use these attributes I still end up with coloured borders.

Any ideas would be very welcome.



  • Hi!
    Why not do it like that?

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Can you explain how this will use the colours within the BORDER_COLOR attribute for the fill?

  • Hi,
    As I understand it, the new label should not have an attribute BORDER. Sorry, my English is really bad. I am writing through Google translator.
    Could you add a picture of what you want to receive? For example, right?
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  • I am trying to convert imported AutoCAD solid hatches from the top row as imported; to the bottom row after styling. I add the style attributes to get the BORDER_COLOR RGB values. I then use the BORDER_COLOR attribute for the style but this uses it for the borer only. I have to manually Edit each Area Style to change the Fill Pattern to Solid Fill and the Border Style to Null for ut to switch.

    Easy to do for a small number of hatches but difficult for hundreds!

  • And if in the attribute table to make a selection by BORDER_STYLE? And edit the values ​​on "null"?
  • I have attached the Global Mapper workspace and a video showing how I convert the imported solid hatches manually (comes in as TIN Face Areas). What I am trying to find out is if I can style the TIN Face Areas directly using the attributes without manually changing them.
  • I have worked out how to do it now. Thanks for your help anyway.