Create line with vector/dot every 50m?

rotoviewrotoview Global Mapper UserPosts: 57Trusted User
What tool and/or adjustment do i use to draw a vector based line with a vector or vercitie every 50 m?
Want to visualize a "power line" for a costumer and "just want to do it simple" and not measure every power tower. I just want to make the line with a specific setup and GM should do it automatic.


  • JSLJSL Global Mapper User Posts: 434Trusted User
    First create the line, then select it, right click and go to Advanced Feature Creation Options -> Create Point Features Spaced Along Selected Features. 

    In the Setup box, uncheck "Keep All Original Vertices" at the bottom, then check "Sample Features at Fixed Distance Interval", and put in the spacing distance that you want.

    GM will create point features along the line based on that distance.
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