separating vertices of different features.

When I am designing landscape patterns against generated contour lines I am unable to separate the line vertices. This is making the job of editing the patterned lines difficult with the contour vertices active at the same time. Any comments or ideas? I have included an image. I need to be able to turn off the vertices of the contour lines but keep the patterned ones on....thanks

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  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 451
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    Are your contours loaded from a file?  Are vertices included in that file?
    Or, are you generating contours within Global Mapper?

    There is an option to add vertices to line features.  But, that won't happen automatically. 

    Are the vertices visible when the line features have NOT been selected?  By your initial description it sounds like they are not visible until you select the line features.  So your intent is to select the patterned lines and not the contours.  That can be done by hiding the contours, selecting the patterned lines, then turning on the contour layer. 

    I'm not at my computer that has Global Mapper, otherwise I'd check how vertices appear when selected compared to when they haven't been.  So just by looking at your image I may be missing something. 

  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 451
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    Generating contours are an example of the results of work done within Global Mapper.  They wind up in a generic layer, unless you specify an existing or a new layer.  If they are in a generic layer (I think "generated" is in the name) then you can select the contours and edit the selection.  It will include a choice of layer, and you can choose to create a new layer.  Then you can specify a name for the new layer.  You may be able to select just the contours, though you may have wound up with more than just contours in that generated layer, but selection methods are out of the scope of this question (GM has lots of selection options).  Once your contours (at least those that cross the patterned lines) are in a separate layer, you can hide the layer, select the patterned lines, then unhide the contours and get on with it. 

    Thanks Hennie!  I think we're trying to select only the patterned lines, then do some work with them while having the contours visible and not selected.  Vertices could be showing selected objects, or they could be objects of their own, and that was at the heart of what we have been attempting to sort out while selecting lines. 


  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 451Trusted User
    Are your contour lines on a separate layer that you can hide, then select your patterned lines?
    I am assuming that your contours are separate lines, and ditto for the patterned lines. 
    You might have to select just contour lines, then edit them to move to a different layer, possibly by creating a new layer for them. 
  • curvescurves Posts: 27
    Hello Mykle, Yes, the pattern and the contours have their own layers, the problem is when I initiate the contour line layer after I have the pattern already selected with the vertices it automatically adds vertices to the contours. Just to give some context, I need the contour lines active because the pattern is created considering these topographical features. It is difficult for me to make modifications to the pattern unless I am really close up which really slows the whole process up.
    Thanks for replying, I appreciate it.

  • curvescurves Posts: 27
    No, my contours are generated using GM and no, the vertices are only visible when I select that tool. Correct, my intention is to have visible the contour lines and the pattern but only have the vertices active on the pattern feature.
    It would be great to hear back from you once you have access to your computer if you think that would help.
  • henniehennie Global Mapper User Posts: 62Trusted User
    In the Configuration - rendering menu, select Always render vertices for selected features. Switch off Render area and line vertices. You then select your pattern feature to show those vertices only. 
    Hope this helps!
  • curvescurves Posts: 27
    Thanks, guys, I will endeavour to follow your advice and let you know.
  • curvescurves Posts: 27
    Before I was struggling to work with this ( first image ) Now I have this ( second image ) THANKYOU BOTH, my life has improved :)
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