How many contiguous areas can simultaneoulsy use the Create Flattened Area tool?

stewart.petersstewart.peters Global Mapper UserPosts: 8
The system crashed when trying to find a "flattened area" earthworks quantity for 1200 contiguous areas, each about 5 metres wide. 

Command used was to "Calculate Flattened Site Plan Grid from Selected Area(s)" 

I was using the "use Area Heights" option with the Option set to "above ground", ie 1 metre above natural level.  Each area had an "Elevation" variable set to 1.  The underlying dataset was Lidar.   Batter was set to 0.33333 (3:1).

The reason for creating so many areas was to try and get the layer to hug the ground rather than create a flat "plain" from one end to the other. 

Ideally , I would like to run a larger number of areas eg 6,000 x 1 metre wide rather than 12000 x 5 m wide.    


  • stewart.petersstewart.peters Global Mapper User Posts: 8
    Rebooted and running again. This time looks good. 

    The Elevation variable was not passed from the primary area to the subareas when quadrilaterals were created.  This seems to have caused the problem. 
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