How to export KMZ with one layer only and transparency supported?

Hi, is there a way to export KMZ which will include only one zoom level, and will support transparency?

For now I found single layer in File -> Export -> Export Raster/Image Format -> Garmin Raster Maps (KMZ/JNX)
It allow to export only one layer, but it is not supporting transparency.

If I will choose File -> Export -> Export Raster/Image Format -> KMZ/KML, and PNG format transparency is supported, but I have multiple layers.

Any idea how to get both at once?


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,190

    To export one layer, right-click on the layer in the Control Center and choose Layers | EXPORT - Export Layer(s) to New File...

    To export one zoom level, on the KML/KMZ Options window, remove the check next to "Automatically Grid Export of Large Data Sets...(etc.)"

    To get transparency, specify the PNG format (as you already know) in combination with these other options.


  • Thank you @bmg_bob. This way I was able to reduce the zoom levels to one. But transparency set in the project' areas is still not saved.
    The settings I used, using Layer -> Export KML as Images: 

    What I'm doing wrong?

    Is it possible at all to keep transparency?  I'm using vector data in the input. KMZ appear opaque in Google Earth...  :(

    KMZ in attachment.
  • Maybe it's something I could change inside the .doc file manually?

  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,190

    When I load your KMZ into Google Earth, I see a number of green shapes. Are you expecting to be able to see through the green shapes? When Global Mapper exports raster data, transparency means that pixels that contain no data will be transparent, and I see that in your KMZ file. Have you tried exporting to a vector KMZ file instead of a raster KMZ file?

  • @bmg_bob Yes, I expect to see through green areas. :) I'm not 100% sure, if it's possible with raster data though... It's possible with vectors.
    The issue is that I wish to set the labels as they appear on Global Mapper window, and while I'm exporting vectors, that style is lost. And other thing is that loading KMZ with so big number of points, take too much time on the app, on which I will open it.
  • @bmg_bob Is there a way to set not only 100% transparency in the png export. I think it's supported in PNG format.
    png-32 supports different levels of transparency. Each pixel can have an opacity between 0 and 255, with 0 as completely transparent. // from
    Is there a way to use it?  :)  
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