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Good Evening,

Is there a setting, configuration, or preference that would allow street labels (or another type of feature label) to be displayed when using the Mobile version of Global Mapper?

I am a police officer using Global Mapper primarily for processing UAV photos when investigating motor vehicle crashes.  I would like to see if our use of GM can be expanded for use with K9 tracking and evidence collection in the field.  Having labels show on the Mobile screen would be helpful for the officers in the field when they need to tell others where they are or which direction they are going all while setting waypoints for later input into GM desktop.

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  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer Moderator, Trusted User
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    Hi Jason,

    Global Mapper Mobile does not currently have the ability to display feature labels. However, we have had a number of requests for this feature and we hope to include it in the upcoming GMM v2.0 release. We do not have a firm release date yet, but it should be in the early spring.

  • Okay, thank you for the response.  I look forward to the future release.  -Jason
  • Are feature labels still not displayable in the mobile app?  I've got points in a GM file with attributes, and the layer set to "use custom formatting string for name" which shows some of these attributes on the desktop app.  However, when I export it as mobile, and open it in the mobile app, it only shows the last attribute on the map.  When I open that same mobile export on the desktop, I can see the layer now has the "set up feature label display" set to "do not use an attribute value for name" instead of "use custom formatting string for name", like the export changed that setting.  
  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer Moderator, Trusted User
    Mobile will display the feature name as a label. (Labels can be turned off from the App Configuration settings.) This will be whatever the name may have been set to from applying a custom format string prior to export from GM.
  • PShorey,
    It doesn't seem to be working like that though.  Please see attached images.  The first two are on desktop of how it looks, and the settings I've applied to get it there.  The next two (in the next post) are from my mobile android tablet, zoomed out and zoomed in.  As you can see, it only shows the last line of the custom label for some reason.  Maybe this has to do with the different parts of the label being spaced down a line?
  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer Moderator, Trusted User
    Thank you for the additional information. I confirmed that GMM is only displaying the last line in multi-line labels. Good catch! I have opened a bug for this (GMM-791). Look for an update in Google Play in the coming days.