Global Mapper v24.1

Exporting Web format KML/KMZ Any Data as Images - how to get good quality overlay with labels

Basin on ANOB shapefile from
I'm trying to get good quality KMZ Overlay, which will include png images.Unfortunately overlay I get looks really badly, cause of strange labeling appearing despite it's not visible on GM window
1. GM window

2. KMZ exported from Global Mapper as PNG (in attachment -, open in Google Earth - multiple labels + unexpected RED labels (not on GM window)

3. For compare QGIS window, where Labels based on Name value showing only on "Main" areas, while smaller parts have no label. That's desired solution.

Please advice, how to export KMZ with labeling only for the main area, and not export terrible blurred labels which appear on the background.


  • The reason you're not seeing the labels in the GM window is because you're not zoomed in enough. As soon as you move closer you can see that the main area features have many smaller areas attached to them. Each of these are labelled and many of these labels only appear when zoomed in. The red you see around the text in GE is in fact the pink background you have in GM showing through the transparency.
  • Personally in this case I would create a point from the centroids of the area feature to use as labels, and then colour the areas by 'NAME'. Then export as vector rather than raster.

    If it helps I've done a very quick KMZ for you - it's in the zipped folder.

    By the way the vector data is too detailed for Google Earth so I simplified the polygons using a 2m horizontal threshold first before creating the KMZ.