Distance of points along a line

I have a line feature with 120 points along the line at non-regular intervals. I'd like to get the distance along the line for each point. The points have elevation information - bonus points for getting station-elevation data along the line. I created the snapped points by using "Move Selected Points to Nearest Line" and could create a vertex at the location of each point if that was necessary.


  • The ultimate goal for me was to snap channel thalweg survey data to a centerline and get station-elevation data for the new survey data. Here's the workflow I came up with:

    1. import points shapefile with all thalweg survey points
    2. import line shapefile represented centerline or normalizing line
    3. select line and all points
    4. snap points to line (right click, Move/Reshape features..., Move Selected Points to Nearest Line)
    5. convert the line to points at the vertices along the line (right click, advanced feature creation options, create new points from selected area and line features).
    6. convert all the points (newly created plus those you provided) into a new line feature (select all points, right click, create line features, create new line features from selected points).
    7. extract vertex data from newly created line (right click, edit, vertices, copy to clipboard, paste to excel).
    8. vertices in excel with non-zero elevation data are the surveyed points with total length along the line noted in Column F.

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