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veddycentveddycent Global Mapper UserPosts: 62
Hi all,

When exporting data with tiling, GM starts at the top left corner. Is it possible to begin the export from the bottom left corner?
I know that you can change the naming of the files so it can start from any corner but the actual data always start from the top left.


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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,148
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    Hello Ved,

    There are no options to change the direction used to iterate through the data when exporting tiles. I am curious as to why that would be useful for you, given that the output would be the same, unless you end up with a partial tile at the end of each row and/or column, I suppose.



  • veddycentveddycent Global Mapper User Posts: 62
    Hi Bob,

    When we map aerial imagery to a terrain tile in our software it starts from the bottom left and produces smaller individual tiles that are 1024m by 1024m. I'd like to make shp files that match those but unfortunately because the ones on the end are partial tiles they don't match.

    For me personally starting at the bottom left makes more sense.

    Kind Regards
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