Store the Z value in an attribute


I have a bunch of building footprints where the corner z vertice values equals height-above-sea-level. I need to save this as an attribute on the area feature, and add new z values from a DEM-file.

How to store the vertice z-value as an attribute on an area feature via. script?


  • coelodontacoelodonta Global Mapper User Posts: 21
    I don't know about the scripting but you can just export the DEM to a .csv or .xyz with attribute headers, then rename the z header something that GM doesn't auto recognise (e.g corner z) and reload it into GM. To apply an attribute from one feature/ layer  to another, right click on an element in the map window the select - attribute style functions- copy attributes between overlapping/nearby features, can be applied to individual elements or entire layers.
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