Global Mapper v25.0

3D View in GM20 not displaying

Hi All!

I've emailed Tech Support but, thought I should throw it out to the forum too...

We purchased a new laptop; MSI GS63 Stealth, 8th gen i7, NVIDIA GTX1060, SSD &HDD.
We then updated to GM 20 on the new laptop.

We have 2 issues:
1.) When I have a .las file loaded and press the show 3D button the 3D window opens but, no points are displayed. If I press the home/default view nothing happens. If I scroll - I notice a single pixel flashing, as if there is data/points displayed and something is moving. Occasionally/Randomly the points will display but, they 'flicker' considerably whenever the mouse is moved.

2.) I opened a GM19 workspace (in GM20) and the  point classifications had changed in type and place i.e. some ground points became building points.  The file had been zipped, then extracted on 2 different laptops - if that is a consideration.

All thoughts, tips and ideas are welcomed.


  • UPDATE: issue resolved!
    The laptop has a couple of background apps or services running which seem to be the culprits.
    In our case it was a start up service Nahimic. Support mentioned that Sonic Suite also causes issues.
    Was not easy to isolate or  identify.

    Thanks -
  • Note that with Windows updates the service will restart and need to be disabled -again.