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DWG with Labels on Major Contours Only

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A client of mine wants a DWG file with 2 foot minor contours and 10 foot major contours.  The client also wants labels included on a separate layer but only for the major contours.  I attempted disabling the labels for the minor contour feature type both in the configuration dialog and in the vector option dialog for the layer.  Both make the labels disappear from view in Global Mapper but when exporting as DWG and opening the DWG in AutoCAD, labels still show for all contour lines.  I’m using version 15 of Global Mapper.  Is there any way to do this in this version?  If not, is there any way to do this in the latest version?

One workaround is to export major contours with labels and minor contours without labels in separate files and combine them in AutoCAD but I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve loading AutoCAD to create the file for the client if possible.

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  • This is a serious problem.  The contours created by Global Mapper are much easier to follow than those created in cad, but the labeling in global mapper is so inferior to cad that in many cases I end up using the inferior contours in cad anyways because the labeling provided by global mapper is simply unusable.  For example, if I have a steep slope that's along the boundary of a project, all the labels get packed along the end of the lines, all on top of eachother, and i can't just turn off the minor labels so it's just one huge mess of text.  At the very least please put the major and minor labels onto their own layers during export.  Right now, exported contours have the layers "Contour_Line_Intermediate", "Contour_Line_Major", and "FEATURE_LABEL".  If you just had "Contour_Line_Intermediate", "Contour_Line_Major", "Contour_Label_Intermediate", "Contour_Label_Major", I might actually be able to use the contours in a final map.  Just one more layer is all I ask.  Thanks.
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    I suggest that you contact Blue Marble Support directly via email ( to see if there are any additonal workarounds for your labeling issue. If there are not, they will be able to open a feature request. It makes sense that when exporting labels, Global Mapper should include labels when the setting to show labels for a feature classification is set. Thank you.

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